Retta Plus services

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Retta Plus services bring savings and revenue of up to thousands of euros to properties

Retta Plus services are pre-conceptualised services and benefits that are easy to take into use if you so wish. These services are suitable for both small housing companies and large real estate companies.

The services make it easier to manage your property, improve safety and security, and generate savings for your housing company. At their best, they can also generate additional income for your housing company.

Your building can save thousands of euros and earn continuous income.

Check out the Retta Plus services:

5G Base Station Management Service

Together with Digita Oy, we have produced a high-quality turnkey service that allows taking the unproductive areas of the property into use, also providing income for the housing company.

Retta Isännöinti. Iloinen mies työpöydän äärellä

Real estate tax service

The real estate tax service offers you the opportunity to find savings potential in real estate taxation and possibly apply for real estate tax refunds from the tax administration. The inspection will be carried out by a real estate taxation specialist.

Leikkipaikka taloyhtiössä. Retta Isännöinti. Pieni poika leikkii lasten leikkipaikalla ja hymyilee kameralle.

Playground safety inspections and maintenance service

The inspection and maintenance service of playgrounds includes the statutory safety checks, as well as the maintenance, spare parts and design services. The service is available nationally at a competitive price.

Paloturvallisuus Retta Isännöinti. Äiti ja kouluikäinen poika katsovat sammutuspeiton käyttöä yhdessä.

Fire safety services

The Rescue Act and other regulations impose obligations on building owners to ensure fire safety and to assess and eliminate fire risks. The fire safety service for properties intended for Retta customers ensures that the legal obligations and requirements relating to the fire safety of properties are met.

Elevator and escalator consulting services

The service provides you with objective information on alternatives for replacing an elevator, for example. We also carry out the project’s tendering process and supervision.


Energy certificate

The statutory energy certificate is based on a comprehensive energy calculation, which takes into account the characteristics of the building’s structures and systems. The certificate states the building’s energy performance class. The energy certificate is used when applying for ARA housing and construction subsidy, for example.

Heating method comparison service for properties

The service produces an objective and clear heating method comparison report, project plan, and review of the results held by an expert.

Radon measurement service for business premises and residential properties

Radon is an odourless, tasteless and colourless radioactive gas that enters the indoor air from the soil. After smoking, radon is also the second most common cause of lung cancer in Finland. Radon concentrations of indoor air in Finland are among the highest in the world.

Requirements set forth in the Radiation Act: Radon measurement must be carried out everywhere in Finland in workspaces that are completely or partially below the ground level and in the first floor premises if the workplace is located in a municipality or postal code area where measurements are required. Workplaces located on gravel ridges should also be measured everywhere in Finland.

Electricity transmission costs optimisation service

With the service, the customer has the opportunity to make savings in electricity transmission costs. Savings are sought from every component of the electricity transmission bill. The service is particularly suitable for sites where annual electricity consumption exceeds 50 MWh.

Essentially, we can influence the electricity transmission fee itself. The property’s electricity consumption data are used to calculate the optimal electricity transmission product for the site. Savings are also sought in other costs such as the basic fee and electricity tax.

Ventilation optimisation service

Section 13 of the Rescue Act 379/2011 specifies that ventilation equipment must be maintained in good condition.

The owner, occupant and operator of the building must ensure that the ventilation ducts and equipment are maintained and cleaned so that they do not pose a risk of fire in the common areas, the systems serving the entire building and the premises that are in the possession of the occupant.

RomuNouto Service

The service ensures that waste that is brought to the property’s waste collection points but does not belong there is taken care of. The statutory requirements related to waste management and safety, which are the responsibility of the housing company, can thus be handled easily. The service has been proven to increase the comfort of residents and tenants.

Long Term Plan 10/36 Service

The service includes a long term plan prepared by an independent expert, a summary of the plan under the direction of a professional and a proposal to rationalise possible future maintenance projects in accordance with the strategy and interests of the building or real estate company. The service can be tailored to the needs of the property, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. The long term plan report contains the most significant deviations and repair needs, as well as a preliminary schedule and expected costs.