Leasing a property step by step – this is how Retta’s leasing agency service works

Finding new tenants for your property is easy and safe with the help of a Retta leasing agent. This brief guide will give you an idea of the leasing process of your property with Retta.

Working with a leasing agent saves you time and effort, and the entire rental process is in the hands of a professional. We will find a reliable tenant whose background has been checked for your property. If you are leasing a property for the first time, the leasing agent is your key to the business and an important advisor who will support you in everything you may need support in, from determining the level of rent to managing the tenancy.

Read what to expect when letting Retta lease your property!

1. We will agree on the leasing and the rent level with you

The leasing of a property starts with the conclusion of an assignment agreement. We will agree on the details of the leasing agency and the handing over of the key for property viewings.

The right rent level is currently one of the most important factors that determines whether good tenant candidates will be interested in the property. By using a leasing agent, you will avoid over- and under-pricing. We examine the property and estimate the market rent for it based on rental statistics and area information. We will discuss the final rent with you. 

2. We advertise the property and show it to potential tenants

We make high-quality and comprehensive advertisements about your property for our own website, which attracts 70,000 monthly visitors, as well as for the largest housing portals where rental housing is sought.

As a rule, we show the property to one or two potential tenants at a time. We do not organise mass viewings, but give tenant candidates the opportunity to take a look at the property without a hurry.  At the same time, we get to know the applicants better ourselves and can ask them the necessary background questions that help us pick only reliable tenant candidates for you to choose from.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of the leasing process and also pass on any comments we receive from visitors to the property viewings. If it starts to seem that the property is not attracting interest, we will quickly suggest measures to promote the rental.

3. You get to choose your tenant from among good candidates

As the landlord, you will make the final decision on your choice of tenant. One good candidate will suffice, but we aim to provide you with more than one good applicant from which to choose the tenant that is just right for you. We investigate the potential tenants’ backgrounds and credit information on your behalf, and will have preliminary discussions on the leasing terms.

Once a suitable resident has been found, we will prepare the lease agreement expertly and in accordance with current terms and conditions. We make sure the tenant has paid the security deposit and taken out home insurance, and we give them the keys to their new home.

4. The agent will also support you during the tenancy

After the property has been leased, i.e. during the tenancy, things may come up on which you want a professional opinion. Even after the lease agreement has been concluded, your leasing agent is only a phone call away and can advise you on matters related to tenancy management, rent review, property equipment level and tax deductions, among other things.

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