Retta’s high-quality property management services take care of your building

Nainen ja mies kävelevät neuvottelevat ja kävelevät hienossa toimitilassa retta

Retta Isännöinti produces smooth property management services nationally, locally and digitally with the help of a professional service team. When your housing company is in Retta’s capable hands, the housing company’s finances will remain under control, the administration works effortlessly and both housing and technical services run smoothly.  

Retta Isännöinti is the largest property management service company for residential housing companies and limited liability real estate companies. We provide property management services to about 120,000 homes around Finland.

Over the past 50 years, our property management service approach has become one of its kind with regards to its smooth, consistent operations. Whether you live in Hanko or Ivalo, we are able to provide you with the exact same high quality and comprehensive property management services. We know your local housing conditions, and the best experts in your area are part of our partner networks. 

Unlock the benefits of a large company: the net costs of property management services will remain small

We have access to a great deal of comparative data on residential services in different areas and their costs, so we always negotiate the most suitable and cost-effective offers and services for your housing company with banks, insurance companies and service providers.

The cost of property management services will also be kept in check thanks to our comprehensive procurement services: by streamlining procurement contracts, we aim to save your housing company at least as much money annually as your housing company pays for our property management services. Thanks to the value-added services of Retta Hankinta procurement services, your housing company also has the opportunity to earn up to thousands of euros as additional income every year.

The property management services cover the administration, finances, housing and technical aspects of your housing company

We oversee comprehensively the smooth running of your housing company’s daily life and long-term planning. The core of our property management services consists of four things, all of which are automatically covered by our service agreement.

Our comprehensive range of additional services also allows us to tailor our property management services to your building’s needs.

1. We take care of the administrative work of your housing company

We will ensure that the meetings of the Board of Directors and the general meeting of your housing company are held in accordance with the law, and we also offer the opportunity to participate in the meetings electronically. We take care of procurement contract management, the insurance tendering process, financial planning and various legal problems on your behalf, among other services.

2. We keep the finances of your housing company under control

The professional accountants of our financial services continuously, proactively and transparently take care of your building’s accounting, financial monitoring, financial statements and reports. Your housing company’s housing charges, rental agreements and purchase ledgers, as well as loan management, are also at safe, competent hands.

We use the best financial administration tools available on the market, and you can also track the financial trends of your housing company through the OmaRetta service.

3. We make housing smoother

We offer you a unique OmaRetta online service channel through which messages, newsletter, announcements and reservations concerning your housing and the company can be easily managed.

4. We also offer technical services

We handle tasks related to your housing company’s renovations , such as apartment-specific renovation notices, daily repair needs and project management and supervision of major renovations. We also take care of drawing up and keeping an up-to-date long-term maintenance plan for your property, and we offer you the opportunity to monitor your building’s energy consumption.

Nainen ja mies hymyilevät toimistolla Retta

Additional services

In addition, as a Retta customer you will also receive the following services through us:

Our property management services never rest – the service team is always at your disposal

A Retta property manager will never take care of your building alone – they will be supported by a professional property management service team.

Thanks to this teamwork model, your housing company’s property management services will not rest even when the building manager is on holiday: the technical property manager, office property manager, accountant, property secretary, procurement specialist, and energy specialist will keep your housing company running smoothly at all times.

The service team is there for you and your housing company. When the communication between you and the property management services is smooth and transparent, the affairs of your housing company will always be handled as agreed and within the agreed timeframe.

Retta Isännöinti rises to meet modern and future challenges – for the best of your housing company

We at Retta Isännöinti keep a close eye on the development of the property management industry and meet the challenges of each era. We have made major investments in our digital services to help you get in touch with us even faster and more reliably than before.

Our OmaRetta service channel is a unique communication channel for the Board of your housing company and each resident, through which all issues related to housing and property management are handled electronically.

Our skilled staff are constantly learning new to serve you and your housing company in both everyday issues and complex problems. Our property managers take care of your housing company just as well as their own homes – we stand by your side!

Changing a property management office is surprisingly easy. Contact us or leave a request for a quote and we will work together to create a tailor-made property management service agreement for your housing company!