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We take care of your property as if it was our own with solid real estate industry experience and professionalism. 

Your property is doing well and is productive when its finances are managed with a knowledge of the specifics of the real estate sector and legislation. You make better decisions when reporting is not just a window into the past, but a strong view into the future. As your partner, we will take care of your property as if it were our own.  We will name a Controller-level person experienced in each assignment as your contact. 

Digital reporting puts the information you need at your fingertips

Comprehensive and up-to-date reporting is the most important view of the state of your assets, whether you are in Finland or abroad. Customised visual reports highlight the information you need. Reliable data enables better and more accurate analysis. The designated controller takes care of everyday financial management and supports you in analysing the data.  

Information in real time at a glance

You can access the data yourself in real time and take your time to drill down into the figures that are important to you, such as the income statement, rent roll rental income statements and purchase invoices. After you have outsourced not only financial management to us, but also real estate management, you can see both the financial data and technical data of your real estate at a glance. 

We predict the future

With you we seek causal connections from data, learn from the past and predict the future. You will receive more refined financial management that focuses not only on quality everyday work, but also on the development of your assets.

Comprehensive real estate data base

Retta’s extensive real estate data base also provides comparable information on the comparators corresponding to your own portfolio, as well as local and residential area-specific information to help you plan future acquisitions.  

An experienced controller is an invaluable help in everyday life and decision-making

Whether you are outsourcing all or part of your property´s financial management services, we will always provide you with your own controller who knows your operations and coordinates the work with the team designated for you. 

Partner and Advisor

Your contact person is an experienced property management professional with the vision and ability to act as a sparring partner and advisor.

Service in your own language

If you work from abroad, the controller will serve you in your own language, if necessary, knowing the Finnish situation and regulations. Our service languages are English, Russian and Swedish.

Comprehensive background support

Your team is backed by Retta’s more than 200 financial management professionals, who guarantee that operations will not stop and quality will not suffer even in exceptional situations.

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