Retta leasing agency – leasing a property with the help of a professional

Nainen ja mies hymyilevät toimistolla Retta

Retta leasing agency makes it easy to find a good tenant. You save time and effort by leaving the entire leasing process, including advertisements and viewings, in the hands of a professional. The tenant is also happy when the lease agreement is drawn up by a trusted and knowledgeable party.

More than 13,000 leases a year

70,000 website visitors per month

Thousands of tenancy applications every month

Visibility for your property and a proactive leasing process


Retta’s commission for leasing agency is 1.24 times one month’s rent (incl. VAT 24%) and any document costs. The commission, including VAT, is fully tax deductible. 

Above all, working with a leasing agent is safe and worry-free for the landlord. Private landlords who set out to rent their properties themselves need to work quite hard today. Due to the large number of rental properties on offer, a few viewings may need to be organised before a suitable tenant is found. Outsourcing the service to a professional saves time, and the risk of unsuccessful leases is reduced, because the agent is able to ask the potential tenants the right questions.
Simo Sompajoki, Head of Unit