Let Retta experts help you find a profitable investment property

Kiinteistöalan ammattilaiseksi. Kiinteistöalan ammattilainen esittelee asiakkaille uutta potentiaalista liiketilaa. Retta.fi

When you are planning to buy a new buy-to-let property, we can offer you valuable advice for picking both the property and the area. Our agents all over Finland know the residential areas of their cities like the palm of their hand and are able to assess whether a property you are considering buying is a profitable investment. You can also make a purchase assignment and leave the search of a suitable investment property entirely to a real estate agent.

The advice of the leasing agent will help you buy a well-located property that interests tenants

Finding a property of interest to potential tenants requires local knowledge of and insight into the housing market. We offer you free market-based advice to help you find a good and profitable investment property. We will inform you of the market situation in the area and assess the rental level and yield of the property. You will get information about the rental housing situation in the area, as well as an idea of how soon you should expect to find a tenant. 

We are also monitoring the zoning situation closely. We therefore know what kind of housing, services and transport connections are planned for each area in the coming years.

Exclusive access to properties through a purchase assignment

If you have better things to do with your time than view potential buy-to-let properties, a purchase assignment is for you. Competent Huoneistokeskus real estate agents will find you a safe and profitable investment property that meets your wishes. You can limit your search to a specific residential area, street, or even a housing company, and the agent will survey the homeowners in the area and their willingness to sell to you.

A purchase assignment activates sellers who are considering selling but have not yet made the final decision. This allows you to make a purchase decision in good time ahead of competing buyers. In addition, the properties assigned to be sold by Huoneistokeskus will first be offered to customers who have made a purchase assignment.

Read more about purchase assignments on the Huoneistokeskus website.

Many of our customers contact us when considering buying a new property. Indeed, we recommend this, because our expertise enables us to see if potential properties are worth pursuing. But you don’t need to be our customer to contact us. We are happy to advise and share market information with everyone. Riitta Parviainen, Head of Unit