5G Base Station Management Service

Pieni tyttö katsoo tablettia kuulokkeet päässä ja hymyilee lattialla istuen. Vanhemmat istuvat tytön takana Retta

The construction of 5G networks is accelerating, and a more comprehensive base station network is needed to achieve sufficient capacity. This offers housing companies a whole new earning opportunity when the property’s unproductive square metres can be put to good use. By renting space from the building’s roof to a 5G base station, the building can achieve rental income of up to 1,000–4,000 euros per year, depending on the area!

Together with Digita Oy, we have produced a high-quality turnkey service that allows taking the unproductive areas of the property into use, also providing income for the housing company.

Advantages of the service for your building:

  • Unproductive square metres of the property can be utilised as rental spaces for base stations, which also generate income for the housing company.
  • The lease level of the base station equipment will be determined based on the price level in the area.
  • The installation of the base station equipment in the property is carried out in a controlled manner according to a mutually agreed process, the installation plan and the instructions of the authorities. 
  • Management of rental income and electricity consumption are included in the service.
  • Thanks to the base station, the building’s residents will benefit from higher quality and faster connections provided by the improved mobile infrastructure.


If you are a customer of Retta Isännöinti property management services, you can ask your own property manager for more information about the service and how to introduce it. If you are not yet a Retta Isännöinti customer, you can ask our local service specialist (contact information below) or submit a request for a quote.

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