Facilities rental takes care of the attractiveness and high occupancy rate of the premises

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Retta Management´s productive facility lease helps achieve the goals set for the facility. We ensure that the value of the real estate portfolio develops favourably with a high utilisation rate and unparalleled tenant satisfaction.

Active and knowledgeable rental of premises enhances the attractiveness of the property and ensures a long-term return on investment in real estate. Retta´s experienced and professional rental managers know not only the properties, but also the local real estate market. Active marketing, a value development perspective and strong communication skills are the starting point for all rental activities in Finland.

We manage more than a thousand real estate properties around Finland. Our management includes all kinds of office premises, from office buildings to shopping and shopping centres, and from logistics to extensive business park complexes.

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Facilities rentals tailored to your wishes and goals

Vuokralaisten keskinäinen yhteistyö ja synergia parantavat toimitilakohteen vetovoimaisuutta ja nostavat kiinteistön arvoa. Siksi huolehdimme Rettalla myös toimitilakiinteistön vuokralaisten laatukannasta.
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