Termination of lease agreement

You can submit a termination of a rental apartment lease electronically.  You can use online banking credentials to authenticate yourself in the service. In order to speed up the processing of the notice, it is advisable to issue the notice of termination as soon as possible once your plans to move out of the apartment have been confirmed.

If you are unable to submit an electronic notice of termination or authentication is not possible, you can terminate a lease agreement for a rental apartment using a printable termination form. 

Instructions on how to terminate a lease agreement

  • Termination of rental apartment leases can be submitted electronically or with a printable termination form 
  • The period of notice is one calendar month. The period of notice starts from the last day of the calendar month, during which the lease agreement is terminated. Example: If you want your lease agreement to end at the end of August, the notice must be delivered by the last day of July. The notice of termination should be sent as early as possible
  • Termination of Ilmarinen or LähiTapiola leases cannot be sent through this portal
  • Ilmarinen tenants can submit a notice of termination of a lease agreement online at asunnot.ilmarinen.fi
  • LähiTapiola’s tenants can submit a notice of termination of a lease agreement online at Asunnon irtisanominen – Lähitapiola asukassivusto (lahitapiola.fi)
  • If the lease agreement has been made in the name of the company, termination is not possible electronically. Follow the instructions below.
  • If you are renting from a private lessor, remember to inform them directly of your decision to terminate the lease, unless some other arrangement has been agreed in the lease agreement.

If you have any questions about the termination of the lease agreement, please contact our customer service tel. +358 10 228 5555.

Instructions for completing the printable termination form

  • All mandatory fields of the notice form must be completed thoroughly (e.g. account number for returning the security deposit, signatures and contact details of both tenants). As a result, we can process the termination normally and return the security deposit flexibly. The security deposit will be returned within a month after the end of the lease agreement.
  • LähiTapiola’s notice of termination must be sent to irtisanomiset.lahitapiola@retta.fi e-mail address. Enter a subject for the message: “Termination of the apartment, the city which the notice applies, the address of the apartment to be terminated and the name(s) of the tenant.”
  • Notices of termination of lease agreements in the Helsinki metropolitan area and its different areas (Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi and Nummela) can be submitted as an electronically scanned document to the email address irtisanominen.RA@retta.fi. Note that email is not a secure means of communication. Write “Termination of the lease agreement, [address of the apartment, names of tenants]” as the heading of the message. You can also send the notice by post to Retta Asuntovuokraus, Valimotie 9–11, 00380 Helsinki.
  • In other locations, send a signed notice to an office of Retta Asuntovuokraus that is closest to your apartment and is responsible for your lease agreement by post or scanned via email. You can also bring the notice to the office. Check the closest office >>