OmaRetta service – your housing company is always in your pocket!

Mies kävelee lasisen toimistorakennuksen edessä ja selaa puhelinta Retta

The OmaRetta service is Retta’s electronic service channel of all housing matters. All information related to your housing company and housing has been collected in the OmaRetta service, and the information flows smoothly between your housing company and the property manager.

OmaRetta is an electronic service channel for your housing company’s Board of Directors, shareholders and residents. All information related to housing and your own housing company is always available to you in the OmaRetta service. You can use the service on any device, whenever and wherever you want.

The first time using the service, you can authenticate your login with a mobile certificate or online banking credentials, after which you can use OmaRetta with the username and password of your choice. Some of OmaRetta’s features are also available without logging in.

You can also find all important contact information related to your housing in the service.

OmaRetta facilitates the work of your housing company’s Board of Directors

OmaRetta has a number of services that make it easier for you to work with your building’s Board of Directors and the Chair. The digital service enables electronic meetings, so you can take part in managing the matters related to housing even from the other side of the world – or from your own sofa. OmaRetta is always with you. Important documents are also kept safe at OmaRetta.

OmaRetta supports your Board work:

You can find all the services that support your housing company’s board work on OmaRetta’s ‘My housing association’ tab.

OmaRetta keeps residents and shareholders up to date

All your questions related to housing and your building can be solved through OmaRetta. Thanks to the service, you can forget about racing to the list for booking your sauna turn and make sure that your message about the broken lamp in the yard has been read and acknowledged. You can also easily order the housing documents you need. You can use OmaRetta on your mobile phone or computer wherever and whenever you want.

OmaRetta makes your housing easier:

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Pekka Sviili
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