Electricity transmission costs optimisation service

With the service, the customer has the opportunity to make savings in electricity transmission costs.

Savings are sought from every component of the electricity transmission bill. The service is particularly suitable for sites where annual electricity consumption exceeds 50 MWh.

Essentially, we can influence the electricity transmission fee itself. The property’s electricity consumption data are used to calculate the optimal electricity transmission product for the site. Savings are also sought in other costs such as the basic fee and electricity tax.

This service is delivered to the customer on a turnkey basis, and the service covers all practical procedures from start to finish, including reporting.

With the customer’s authorisation, all the necessary changes are made with the transmission company/authority on behalf of the customer. There may be several places where electricity is used at the site, and each place of use is checked separately.

A risk-free service for the customer

The invoicing of the service is based on the savings received by the customer. If there are no savings, there will be no fees for the service.

Invoicing based on actual savings takes place at the agreed intervals (the standard interval is 3 months). A savings report is submitted with the invoice, indicating the amount saved during the period in question. The contract period is 24 months, after which the commission contract expires, and the actual savings are repatriated 100% for the benefit of the customer. For more information, please contact your contact person at Retta – your property maintenance manager, property manager or account manager.


If you are a customer of Retta Isännöinti property management services, you can ask your own property manager for more information about the service and how to introduce it. If you are not yet a Retta Isännöinti customer, you can ask our local service specialist (contact information below) or submit a request for a quote.

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