OmaRetta service channel for tenants

Pieni tyttö katsoo tablettia kuulokkeet päässä ja hymyilee lattialla istuen. Vanhemmat istuvat tytön takana Retta

OmaRetta is a new digital service channel for tenants living in properties managed by Retta Management. OmaRetta is easy to use and provides useful information on housing matters.

When you first start using OmaRetta, you need to identify yourself with a mobile certificate or bank ID. After that logging in is easy and happens with a password of your choice.

Note! The service is not available to Ilmarinen and LähiTapiola tenants.

What OmaRetta offers:

To all tenants:

  • View of property information
  • Instructions on how to make fault reports
  • Necessary contact information
  • Releases from housing manager

Depending on the housing company, it’s possible to


View different housing documents published by housing manager


Change of address and fault report


Book a parking place, sauna shift or other facilities

Rent payment details

Possibility to see own rent payment status, past payments and billing information

OmaRetta-service is constantly evolving. In the future we will make improvements to the booking mechanism of parking spaces and sauna shifts so that you’re able to book them completely digital