Reliable and uncomplicated property management services

We will take care of your housing company. We provide property management services for all stages of your housing company’s life cycle. As a customer of Retta Isännöinti, you will have access to more expertise, experience and resources for your housing company. We have more than 50 years of experience in property management and challenging repair and renovation projects.

Six reasons to choose a strong partner

We are close

We serve you with local expertise, supported by a national organisation.

Plenty of know-how

In addition to basic property management services, we offer you reliable special expertise.

Cost savings

We enable the purchasing power of 10,000 properties to be used by a single housing company – bringing you the opportunity achieve significant cost savings.

Business intelligence

By combining the data and customer feedback of 10,000 housing companies, we create the prerequisites for proactive and knowledge-based actions – for the benefit of our customers.

Transparency of operations

Digital OmaRetta adds transparency to the housing company’s finances and events regardless of time and place. Managing affairs with OmaRetta is easy.

Unique services

The country’s most high-quality and affordable Retta Plus services make life easier and even help the housing company to earn extra income.

Our property management services include

Housing company’s administration

The administrative management of a housing company includes, for example, board meetings and general meetings, contract management, insurances, financial planning and various legal matters.

Housing services

Housing services include resident communications, such as management of parking spaces, keys and sauna shifts, as well as fault reports and moving notifications.

Property management

Managing the property includes making a long-term maintenance plan for the property, taking care of daily repair and maintenance activities, and, for example, supervising projects.

Housing company finances

Taking care of a housing company’s finances means taking care of the company’s accounting and financial statements, as well as managing budget monitoring and financial reporting. In addition, we take care of housing charge and rent management, purchase ledgers and, for example, loan management.

Additional property management services

As our customer, the property management of your housing company will become more systematic for the duration of housing company’s entire life cycle. In addition to our comprehensive basic services, we offer housing companies many useful additional services, such as an energy certificate or inspections of the housing company’s civil defence shelter. Additional services can be tailored into a service package based on your housing company’s needs.

OmaRetta service for housing companies

The OmaRetta service is Retta’s electronic housing service channel for tenants. OmaRetta is available for all devices — including mobile phones.

When you sign in to OmaRetta for the first time, you must use either a mobile certificate or your online banking credentials as authentication. After this, you will be able to log in using your login credentials created during registration.