The biggest yet most local operator in the Nordic countries

Who are we?

Retta is the largest provider of expert services specialising in the brokerage and management services of apartments, properties and commercial facilities in the Nordic countries. We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions in the field of property services for housing and the business sector. 

Retta consists of Retta Isännöinti, Retta Management and Huoneistokeskus in Finland. Retta AB operates in Sweden. 

Our customers include apartment house companies and real estate companies, private and public owners and end users of apartments and properties, fund companies, banks and many other parties operating in the real estate sector and also consumers. All of our companies share the significance of customer experiences in the development of products and services. We are building a better customer experience by investing in customer-oriented service production, an active service culture and strong and competent operations. We want to be a customer service pioneer in our field. 

Retta employs approximately 1,600 professionals, and its turnover is approximately EUR 130 million. Retta is owned by Altor Fund IV, a Nordic private equity fund.

What we believe in

Retta´ s vision is to offer better living and real estate wealth to its customers. 

Our mission is to help our customers to find the best solutions in all questions related to the sale, purchase, leasing and management of apartments and properties. We want to lead the way in the field of property management and brokerage operations.

Retta´´´´ s strategy is based on growth, customer experience and competitiveness. We are looking for growth through straightforward geographic investments, recruitment, business arrangements and acquisitions. 

Our aim is to build the best customer experience in the field by implementing a customer-oriented culture, training our personnel and reshaping our operating models.

The Group’s competitiveness is made up of strong brands, motivated and skilful personnel, and the ability and will to invest in working methods and processes of the future. 

Retta’s values are succeeding togetherbold renewal and acting responsibility.

Our Values

Together we succeed

Cooperating and achieving targets with our customers ensures that we are successful together. We trust each other and our actions are based on mutual respect.

We make brave reforms

It is important to us that everyone who works for us can take professional pride in their job. We do not hesitate to update our expertise, operations and industry in a customer-led manner. We are able, willing and allowed to do things in a better way.

We operate responsibly

We take responsibility for tomorrow both as a company and as individuals. Our choices are driven by our responsibility for each other, our customers, the environment, society and financial success. Our operations are based on transparency and honesty.


Retta management logo tummanvihreä

Retta Management

Retta Management is a service company specialising in real estate management. We operate nationwide and have more than 300 experts in different parts of Finland. Our customers include private and public owners and users of residential and commercial properties, fund companies, banks and other operators. Our range of services includes property management, residential leasing, financial management services, commercial property brokerage and valuation services. Retta Management serves consumer customers in questions related to residential leasing under the name of Retta Asuntovuokraus. 

Retta Isännöinti logo tummanvihreä

Retta Isännöinti

Retta isännöinti is the largest management company for housing companies in Finland. We have more than 50 years of experience in real estate management and demanding repair and renovation projects. We have 700 experts in 40 different locations in Finland. Our services cover 6,700 different apartment house companies, 150,000 homes and more than 400,000 residents. We provide our customers with extensive and high-quality local services close to our customers. Customer satisfaction is in the core of the operations of Retta Isännöinti. We continuously measure the quality of our customer service and take continuous action to offer the best customer experience in the field. 

Huoneistokeskus pienempi logo


Huoneistokeskus is a pioneer in brokerage operations. It brought modern real estate brokerage services to Finland in 1953 and has since then been a part of the most important housing decisions of many Finns. Being the leading service provider, we are continuously developing our operations to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We are a true professional in brokerage operations, and most of our employees are licensed real estate agents. All of our operations are guided by our active approach, professional skills and customer satisfaction

Retta logo

Retta AB

Retta Sverige was founded in 2007 and operates in Sweden and Finland providing services in property management and corporate real estate management serving property investors, user-owners and tenants. Hestia employs approximately 130 people in 30 localities. The core of the company is strong expertise, personal service and an emphasis on customer experience. Retta aquired Retta AB (former Hestia) in February 2017

Retta, tutustu yritykseen. Mies katsoo ison rakennuksen ikkunasta ulos ja haaveilee.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the selling, buying, letting and managing of homes and properties easier, more sustainable, more profitable and more responsible.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading trendsetter in the Nordic property industry, known for our strong in-house culture and values. We create innovative solutions and develop new services in order to be able to provide the best living and working experiences for now and for future generations.

Management team

Kari Virta Toimitusjohtaja Realia Group Oy
Kari Virta
President and CEO
Katariina Lindholm
Director of Human Resources
Sebastian Krapf Talousjohtaja
Sebastian Krapf
Lauri Leino
Lauri Leino
SVP, New Services
Thomas Pimenoff Brändi- ja viestintäjohtaja
Thomas Pimenoff
SVP, Brand and Communications
Marina Salenius Liiketoimintajohtaja Huoneistokeskus Oy
Marina Salenius
Huoneistokeskus Oy
Andres Gylling
Anders Gylling
Retta Isännöinti
Minna Toiviainen Liiketoimintajohtaja Retta Management
Minna Toiviainen
Retta Management
Marthon Linda
Linda Marthon
Chief Expansion and Sustainability Officer
Cecilia Nilsson Hestia Ab Maajohtaja, Retta Sverige kuva
Cecilia Nilsson
Retta Sverige


Retta Group Oy
Valimotie 9-11, 00380 Helsinki
+358 (0)20 780 3780

Huoneistokeskus Oy
Valimotie 9-11, 00380 Helsinki
+358 (0)20 780 3750

Retta Management
Valimotie 9-11, 00380 Helsinki
+358 (0)20 780 3760

Retta Asuntovuokraus
+358 (0)20 780 3770

Retta Isännöinti
Valimotie 9-11, 00380 Helsinki
+358 (0)10 228 1100

Retta AB
Tegnérgatan 8, 111 40 Stockholm Sweden
+46 8-120 322 00