Energy certificate

Asukkaan energiaopas. Nainen seuraa tabletista energiankulutusta.

The energy certificate is building-specific. Therefore, each building with heating belonging to the property must have its own certificate. A separate energy certificate may also be required for a part of the building if the net heated area of the part is at least 10% of the net heated area of the whole building and the area’s size exceeds 50 square meters.

The energy certificate makes it easy to compare the energy consumption of different buildings intended for similar uses. Retta Isännöinti offers a simple and effortless way to obtain an energy certificate. The energy certificate is always drawn up by a qualified energy certificate provider in cooperation with the property manager. A well-drafted energy certificate not only helps the housing company to achieve cost savings, but also serves as a tool for planning, calculating and implementing energy-saving measures.

Measuring energy efficiency pays off

The energy class of a building varies on a scale from A to G. In practice, the energy class is based on the energy efficiency benchmark, or E figure, calculated for each building. The energy certificate is always building-specific, a separate certificate must be drawn up for each heated building belonging to the property. The comparison calculation enables, for example, comparing the energy performances of a new and an older building. A high energy class also has a positive impact on the sales price of the apartments in the building.

It is good to note that an energy certificate remains valid until it is replaced by a new energy certificate. An energy certificate will be valid for a maximum of ten years, after which it must be redrawn.


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Retta energy services

Energy and water costs make up a significant part of a property’s maintenance costs, and the measures to save these can also reduce the property’s carbon footprint. If you would like to hear more about the energy services offered by Retta, please feel free to contact us at

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