Certificates and calculations

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You can order the documents you want related to your housing company from OmaRetta. You can choose whether you want to retrieve the documents yourself or if you want them delivered to you by email or by post. The documents are subject to a charge and their order and delivery terms can be found in the service.

Property manager’s certificate

The property manager’s certificate shows the most important information about the housing company’s history, finances, the company’s properties and their condition, as well as the repairs carried out and planned. You can order the property manager’s certificate from OmaRetta.

The following parties have the right to order the property manager’s certificate:

  • Apartment shareholder or an authorised person or entity
  • Party holding the shares based on a pledge
  • A real estate agent with a sales or valuation order for the brokerage of shares. Real estate agents can order property manager’s certificate here.

Excerpt from the house book

The house book statement will be delivered to the client either by the property maintenance company or by the property management company, depending on what has been agreed upon in the property in question.