Customer benefits

As a Retta customer, you will get to enjoy many of our benefits

As our customer, the management of your housing company will become more systematic for the duration of its entire life cycle. We will negotiate the best additional services on the market and bring them to you, and we will identify your building’s potential for savings in both large and small purchases. We will be demanding on your behalf: we negotiate the highest quality and best fitting service agreements for your building and ensure that the terms of the agreement are in line with your interests.

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Retta Plus services bring savings and revenue of up to thousands of euros to properties

In addition to our comprehensive basic services, we offer useful Retta Plus services for housing companies, such as energy certificates or civil shelter inspections. Retta Plus includes services and benefits that are challenging or even impossible for individual real estate companies to negotiate and implement. Retta Plus service packages can be tailored to your building’s needs.

Retta Plus services:

  • 5G Base Station Management Service
  • Real estate tax service
  • Playground safety inspections and maintenance service
  • Fire safety services
  • Elevator and escalator consulting services
  • Energy certificate
  • Heating method comparison service for properties
  • Radon measurement service for business premises and residential properties
  • Electricity transmission costs optimisation service
  • Ventilation optimisation service
  • RomuNouto service
  • Long Term Plan 10/36 Service

Our service promise is to provide our customers with the best possible daily life, one service at a time.


As a Retta customer, you will benefit from our ready-made cooperation agreements

We have negotiated high-quality and competitive cooperation agreements with reliable operators, ready for you to use. Typical services include renovations, replacement mats, air filters, maintenance services for lifts and sewers, and pest control.