Comprehensive and reliable financial services for housing companies

Työpaikkailmoituksen kuvituskuva - Projektityöntekijä hankintatiimiin

Retta’s financial services cover all the financial management matters your housing company needs, from accounting to loan management. Retta’s financial experts will also advise and guide you in the management of your housing company’s finances.

The accountants of Retta’s financial services ensure that the property manager always has all the necessary and up-to-date information they need to manage the affairs of your housing company. Our financial services are an integral part of Retta’s property management services, and your housing company will not be charged for them separately.

Individual and comprehensive financial management for the best of your housing company

The financial management of housing companies consists of financial management, budgets and budget monitoring. The service package of Retta’s financial services for housing companies includes:

  • the housing company’s continuously updated accounts
  • processing of purchase invoices and timely payments
  • compiling financial statements and tax returns
  • collection of financial audit material
  • monitoring of the budget
  • making loan share calculations
  • invoicing of housing and utility charges
  • payment control and ledgers
  • payroll and remuneration calculation and payment
  • reports to authorities

In financial management, we always take into account your housing company’s individual needs and ensure that your housing company’s financial management fully complies with authority regulations.

Real estates’ financial management requires special real estate expertise

Financial management of properties requires special expertise, which we nurture in our financial service centres specialised in real estate accounting. The financial management of housing companies differs significantly from, for example, the accounting services of companies, because housing companies do not pursue profit through their activities.

Your housing company’s shareholders will only be charged the amount of money needed to cover the housing and living expenses. A competent real estate accountant will make sure that the funds invested by your housing company’s shareholders in their own homes are used correctly, and that the financial material is clear for each shareholder and helps them make decisions.

Continuous monitoring and up-to-date collection of payment requests are an essential part of the financial management of housing companies. We also handle the loan management of your housing company and the financing calculations of projects with special expertise.

Additionally, we are familiar with the VAT procedures of the real estate sector, and if necessary, we will also review old matters related to value added tax for the best of your housing company.

Real estate’s best financial experts and systems at the service of your housing company

All six of Retta’s financial services centres have the same modern and relevant systems, operating models and processes that are constantly being developed and updated.

Electronic systems speed up the handling of your housing company’s affairs. System robots and automation ensure that your housing company’s data is processed with consistent quality and on schedule.  Automation also gives our accountants more time for true communication and encounters with your housing company’s property manager.

All documents related to your housing company’s finances and accounting are continuously available to your company’s Board of Directors through the OmaRetta service. Transparent and real-time financial management is a big advantage for your housing company. The OmaRetta service is free of charge for Retta’s customers.

Your housing company’s financial management never rests – there’s a solution to every problem

More than 130 financial management professionals specialising in real estate work at Retta’s financial services. An accountant will be appointed to your housing company, and in his or her absence, the affairs of your building are handled by a substitute assigned to them. In addition, your housing company has access to a wide range of specialised professionals who know everything you need about things like value added tax procedures and housing companies’ legal affairs.

The affairs of your housing company will always be handled responsibly and safely. For example, invoices are never issued and accepted by the same person, preventing the emergence of ‘dangerous task combinations’. Cooperation with your building’s auditor is also smooth and efficient.

Our personnel has regular training to ensure that your building company always has the latest information on the financial management requirements of the real estate and property management field. No question about your housing company’s finances will remain unanswered!

Contact us to get your housing company’s finances in order!

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