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Our real estate management experts have years of experience with which to serve you. Find the contact details for our offices and experts. If you live in a rental apartment managed by Retta Management, you can contact our customer service by calling +358 10 228 5000 or by sending an email to

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The most important task of Retta Management is to take care of your real estate assets and to ensure that the revenue targets set for them are met. Read more about our services and find the contact details for experts in various service areas. You can also find our experts’ contact details from the service pages.

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We manage more than a thousand real estate properties around Finland. Our management includes all kinds of office premises, from office buildings to shopping and shopping centres, and from logistics to extensive business park complexes. Find a facility that suits your needs! And find a facility that suits your needs!

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Our rental experts serve you with years of experience. Please select your nearest office and contact us.

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Our services

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Valuation services

Our experienced and competent valuation professionals provide reliable valuations of various commercial sites to support your decision-making.

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Residential property management

Insightful property management ensures predictable returns throughout the life cycle of your portfolio

Isä ja poika iloitsevat ja nauravat muuttolaatikoiden keskellä Retta

Residential leasing

Retta’s extensive market knowledge, proactive measures and the professionalism of rent brokers guarantee high occupancy rates, high-quality tenants and the desired return for your residential properties.

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Construction contracting and project management services

You save time and effort by letting Retta handle your construction project. Our construction services provide you with solid experience and extensive expertise in different areas of construction.

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Financial management services

Your property is doing well and is productive when its finances are managed with a knowledge of the specifics of the real estate sector and legislation. You make better decisions when reporting is not just a window into the past, but a strong view into the future.

Commercial property management

With Retta support, you will ensure the predictable return and value of your real estate investments for years to come.


Facilities rental

Retta Management´s effective office facility leasing helps achieve the goals set for the facility, high occupancy rates, high-quality tenants, and the desired return for your residential properties.

Energy and environmental services

The costs of energy and water supply constitute a substantial part of the maintenance costs of real estate properties. Our aim is to reduce these costs by promoting efficient energy usage.