Long Term Plan 10/36 Service

The service includes a long term plan prepared by an independent expert, a summary of the plan under the direction of a professional and a proposal to rationalise possible future maintenance projects in accordance with the strategy and interests of the building or real estate company. The service can be tailored to the needs of the property, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. The long term plan report contains the most significant deviations and repair needs, as well as a preliminary schedule and expected costs.

There are two phases to the long term plan 10/36 service. The first phase involves launching the service and the second phase involves updating and monitoring the service every 36 months.

The service can also be combined with more detailed and needs-based structure-specific condition surveys as an additional service.


If you are a customer of Retta Isännöinti property management services, you can ask your own property manager for more information about the service and how to introduce it. If you are not yet a Retta Isännöinti customer, you can ask our local service specialist (contact information below) or submit a request for a quote.

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