Notification obligation services

Yhtiöjärjestyksen muuttaminen

Housing companies are obliged to report the renovation information to the Tax Administration. You can easily trust these prevention obligations of the grey economy to Retta Isännöinti. We will ensure that your housing company can rest assured that the new legal obligations have been met and any penalties that may be imposed have been prevented. We will ensure that the construction site has a main contractor, who is obliged to report all employee information to the tax authorities on a monthly basis. We’ll work with the Tax Administration on your behalf. The notification obligation service is implemented utilising the procurement service, so your housing company will get to enjoy competitive prices for renovations. By utilising of Retta’s notification obligation services, your housing company can be certain that it is fulfilling its anti-grey economy obligations and also avoiding sanctions.


If you are a customer of Retta Isännöinti property management services, you can ask your own property manager for more information about the service and how to introduce it. If you are not yet a Retta Isännöinti customer, you can ask our local service specialist (contact information below) or submit a request for a quote.

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