Maintenance manual service


Almost every one of us understands how important maintaining a car is. Maintenance fixes any faults and aims to prevent them in order to reduce large bills and preserve the car’s value. The same should be applied to properties. A property losing its value is fear all apartment buyers share. Regular maintenance minimises the decline of property value. Retta’s maintenance manual service makes sure that maintenance is not neglected. Shareholders can rest easy, knowing that unexpected costs caused by neglected repair and maintenance are not in sight.

According to the Land Use and Building Act, a maintenance manual is mandatory for all properties completed after 2000, as well as for old properties for building parts and equipment that have been targets of a repair project requiring a building permit, such as facade or plumbing renovation. Although maintenance manual is not mandatory for all properties completed prior the Land Use and Construction Act’s entry into force, good property management practice requires one to be drawn up.

Efficiency for systematic property maintenance

The main duty of the maintenance manual is to ensure that the property and its equipment remain in good condition and to prevent premature repairs due to lack of maintenance and repairs. Using the maintenance manual helps achieve the desired housing conditions and maximises the service life of the structures.

The maintenance manual is always drawn up as a property-specific document based on a visit to the property and company information. Additionally, the Retta Isännöinti’s Ylläpitopalvelu maintenance service guarantees the continuous monitoring of the tasks required by the maintenance manual and ensures that the maintenance manual is kept up to date. We will draw up the maintenance manual on your behalf and we also offer its maintenance free of charge for the first year. Retta’s maintenance manual service allows your Board to easily monitor the service quality of your property’s maintenance and repairs in the Majakka service. The maintenance manual shows all maintenance tasks with their schedules and records history data of the maintenance and servicing operations performed. Thanks to Retta’s Huoltokirjapalvelu maintenance manual service, each board member is kept informed of past and future maintenance and repair activities.


If you are a customer of Retta Isännöinti property management services, you can ask your own property manager for more information about the service and how to introduce it. If you are not yet a Retta Isännöinti customer, you can ask our local service specialist (contact information below) or submit a request for a quote.

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