Property management services for commercial properties

Työpaikkailmoituksen kuvituskuva - Isännöitsijä Kuopioon

Retta Management takes care of property management on behalf of owners and managers. These include technical and administrative management of the property, owner services (such as facility leasing), financial management services as well as reporting. Our customers include end-users, property companies, banks and private property investment companies.

Together with Retta Isännöinti Oy, we serve our clients in more than 40 localities.

Technical management

We are responsible for organizing the operations and services of the property, and we create and upkeep optimal and functional operational conditions, taking into consideration the property’s lifecycle.

We assume responsibility for the usability of real estate assets, the building or its part and for maintenance or development of its technical value.

Our services include:

  • Hand-over of a new building
  • Hand-over of an existing building
  • Looking after the interests of the owner or the user
  • Financial monitoring and reporting
  • Administration of service agreements
  • Organisation of maintenance services

Administrative management

Administrative building management looks after the day-to-day administration and normal activities in the building in line with the instructions and orders issued by the general meeting of shareholders and the board.

We are responsible for the services and functions associated with the administration and management of real estate properties. We maintain the appropriate technical, financial and legal management of real estate properties throughout their lifecycle.

Our services include:

  • Administration of properties
  • Financial management for customers
  • Accounting for properties
  • Legal matters
  • Maintenance of shareholder registers

Business Park management

Business Park management is a service provided for the owners or users of real estate properties, where the user services for the site are taken care of to the required extent.

Close contacts with service producers and users of the premises is a basic prerequisite of Business Park management. This creates the ability to respond to the customer’s needs and ensures the users’ satisfaction with both the premises and the services.

Business Park management includes:

  • Management of service procurement
  • Management of centralised service packages
  • User satisfaction surveys
  • Meetings with users and service producers
  • Websites of the properties
  • Production of user instructions