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Our story

We may be outdoor people, yet we spend more than 90% of our lives indoors. This means that it does make a difference who we trust to look after our homes and commercial properties.

We play a part in people’s quality of life and how they cope in their daily lives. We make sure that the properties entrusted to our management serve their purpose and are adaptable so that they meet the requirements of the environment and those of their users, not the other way around. Our main task is to look after the properties and increase their value – both the value in euros and the value that money can’t buy.

We believe that as the largest operator in the industry in the Nordic countries we can develop the entire industry and, consequently, improve residential and commercial environments while making property ownership more profitable in a sustainable way.

We want to be known for being an open, easy and reliable partner and for keeping our promises: if we say we’ll take care of it, we will

– unless we already have.

Questions and answers

Why are we renewing our brand?

Retta’s brand renewal already signals a journey of change and is crystallized under a new name. In many northern languages, the word Retta resembles the right, the good, and the right, and on the other hand, re-beginnings keep a new name in the familiar industry.

“We hope to add meaning to the industry’s pioneering approach to the industry, which is easy to approach, discuss and make the right choices. We want to be an even stronger leader in the industry in the future.” Kari Virta says.

Why we changed our name?

The name change is related to our strong Nordic strategy. We want our company to operate under the same name and brand in all of its domains. The use of the name Realia was not possible in Sweden, making it necessary to change the name. The brand reform and name change concretize our journey of change that we have already begun. We want to be the most desirable service management service provider, employer and partner.

How do you contact us?

We still have the same experts serving our customers. Our contact information will remain the same. From 31 May 2022, the e-mail addresses will be in the format firstname.lastname@retta.fi.

What happens to a message sent to an old email address?

Realia e-mails will be redirected to new e-mail addresses, for example e-mails sent to the old address will also reach us for now.

How will the change affect OmaRealia?

OmaReala will be OmaRetta since May 31, 2022. OmaRetta’s current site also has automatic redirection from OmaRealia to OmaRetta. The change will not affect our customers’ use of OmaRealia in any way.

Lapsi ja isä leikkimässä yhdessä iloisena uudessa asunnossa retta.fi

The biggest yet most local operator in the Nordic countries.

Our growth, success and the way we work are based on a culture of working together and shared values.

Building on these values, we are creating better housing and housing wealth through all of our businesses; both those who bear our name and those who are known by their own names.