Retta Group set to renew its brand with its sights on renewing the industry 

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Realia Group, the largest expert service group specialising in the brokerage and management of apartments, properties and commercial facilities in the Nordic countries, is renewing its brand and with it, changing its name. Realia is now Retta. Brand renewal is part of the Group-wide change and growth strategy. The new brand will be unveiled on 24 May.  

The brand renewal covers Realia’s business in Finland and Sweden. In the future, Realia Group, Realia Isännöinti, property management-focused Realia Management, Realia Vakuutuspalvelut and Hestia in Sweden will operate under the Retta brand. Huoneistokeskus, which is part of the Group, will continue to operate under its own brand.  

“In recent years, we have changed drastically and expanded our service offering with, for example, purchasing and housing company-provided insurance services. I dare say that we are a different company today than what we were two years ago. The new brand will highlight these changes while accelerating the development of the organisation, ”says Retta CEO, Kari Virta

Retta’s brand renewal on its own is a message of the company’s journey towards change, signified by the new name. What’s behind the name change is the will to operate under the same name in all sectors.  

“Unfortunately, it was not possible to do business in Sweden and the other Nordic countries under the Realia name. We have a unique and comprehensive view of the real estate sector and want to make use of this expertise in all of our business areas. The name change enables a consistent and strong appearance and supports our growth strategy in the Nordic markets,” says Virta.  

Retta challenges renewal  

Retta, which employs 1,600 experts in the Nordics, wants to reform the entire real estate sector.  

“We hope that our new name will be associated with an industry pioneer that is easy to approach and talk to, and that makes the right choices. We want to be an even stronger trendsetter for the whole sector. Behind the Retta brand is a large group of committed, competent people who want to think about the entire real estate sector in a new way,” Virta says.  

In recent years, the company has invested in digital solutions that increase efficiency, transparency in data processing and streamline our customer-facing services. Existing solutions already offer the boards and shareholders of the housing companies the ability to manage their finances and activities, as well as an easy way for all residents to manage their housing-related matters. 

“We are the largest real estate operator in the Nordics, but our strength is based on knowing our local environment. We know our local customers and their operating environment. For instance, we can offer housing companies significant cost savings by leveraging the purchasing power of 6,000 housing companies. No one else in the industry has a similar service concept,” Virta specifies.  

In addition, Retta encourages the entire industry to act in an environmentally sustainable manner.  

“The green transition will have a significant effect on the real estate sector, as buildings and construction account for about 30% of global CO2 emissions. With professional property management, we can provide property owners with solutions that reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills. Our mission is to help our customers make responsible decisions and promote the green transition through the services we provide to them,” Virta adds. 

Additional information: 

Kari Virta, CEO, Retta, 

Retta is the largest real estate management and brokerage agency in the Nordics. Retta’s business units in the property management sector include Retta Isännöinti and Retta Management in Finland, Retta Sverige in Sweden as well as Huoneistokeskus Oy in the brokerage sector. Retta employs around 1,600 real estate professionals in the Nordics. The Group’s net sales in 2021 were 130 million euros.