Realia Isännöinti grows in Vaasa thorough an acquisition – Oy Buma-Team Ltd Ab becomes part of Realia Isännöinti

Nainen katsoo ikkunasta ulos ja hymyilee kauniissa toimistossa

Realia Isännöinti Oy, Finland’s largest property management company, has acquired Oy Buma-Team Ltd Ab, a property management company based in Rannikko-Pohjanmaa, western Finland. The acquisition is part of Realia Isännöinti’s growth strategy and further supports the company’s goal of being a pioneer in the property management sector.

Oy Buma-Team Ltd Ab has been providing high-quality property management services in Rannikko-Pohjanmaa since the mid-1990s. Buma-Team manages a total of approximately 200 properties.

“Buma-Team has achieved a solid market position in Rannikko-Pohjanmaa, and we are well known for our local and professional service. We want to provide the best service to our customers and invest in the development of the property management sector in the region, and becoming part of Realia Isännöinti serves this goal very well”, says Buma-Team managing director Janne Ala.

“Our current excellent staff continue our work for the benefit of our customers, and with the transaction we can combine our resources with Realia Isännöinti’s highly professional Vaasa office and have the support of their nationwide organisation at our disposal”, Ala continues.

“I warmly welcome Buma-Team’s staff to Realia Isännöinti. The acquisition gives us the opportunity to jointly provide Buma-Team’s customers with our nationwide property management expertise and developing services, which we are heavily investing in. It is a pleasure to have Buma-Team’s skilled staff as part of the development of the property management sector, and I am very pleased with our strategy for continued growth in Ostrobothnia. I would like to wish Janne Ala every success as head of Realia Isännöinti Oy’s Vaasa offices”, says Veli Huotari, SVP, Realia Isännöinti .

The acquisition does not affect existing customer agreements. Following the transaction, Oy Buma-Team Ltd Ab will continue its operations as a separate company for the time being.

Realia Isännöinti is part of Realia Group, the largest provider of property management and real estate brokerage services in the Nordic region.