Realia Isännöinti enhances its operations in Turku by acquiring Isännöinti-Saarto Oy

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Realia Isännöinti has acquired Isännöinti-Saarto Oy. Realia Isännöinti is a member of Retta, the largest property management and real estate services provider in the Nordic countries. The acquisition is part of the growth strategy of Realia and its subsidiary Realia Isännöinti, and further helps Realia Isännöinti to be a pioneer in the property management business.

Isännöinti-Saarto Oy is a reputable property management company with a history dating back to the mid-1980s. The company operates in the Turku region and serves approximately 60 housing and real estate companies.

“I can see that as part of Realia Isännöinti, we will have an opportunity to be at the forefront of reforming the sector. The transaction provides our customers with an opportunity to utilise the expertise of Finland’s largest property management organisation. The transaction is good news both for our personnel and our customers,” says Pertti Satopää, Unit Manager at Isännöinti-Saarto Oy.

“I’m pleased the professionals of Isännöinti-Saarto Oy are becoming part of our team of property management professionals, and the transaction ensures the continued growth of our business in the Turku region. I warmly welcome the entire Isännöinti-Saarto personnel to Realia,” says Veli Huotari, Business Director of Realia Isännöinti.

Following the transaction, Isännöinti-Saarto Oy will continue its operations as a separate company for the time being. The change of ownership does not affect existing customer agreements.