Patrizia expands property management agreement with Retta in Finland

The Nordic real estate group Retta has been entrusted with the property management assignment for Patrizia’ property holdings in Finland. The new assignment aligns with Retta’s expansion strategy, concurrently strengthening its position as a property management service provider for foreign investors.

Since 2021 Retta has been delivering full scope of property management services for Patrizia’s residential assets in Finland. Now the assignment is being further expanded with properties in both residential and commercial properties, also strengthening the scope with commercial leasing, project management and ESG.

“Patrizia has been an important client for us, and we are delighted with the expanded role and scope. The cooperation has been inspiring and productive. This assignment is proof of a smooth and good collaboration,” says Heidi Joutsenkunnas, Vice President of Residential Property Management for Retta Finland.

Patrizia is Europe’s second largest independent investment manager with nearly 40 years of experience in real asset markets. Patrizia has focused on building a partnership of trust with their 500+ institutional clients and 10,000+ private investor clients.

“Since 2021, Retta has taken care of property management of Patrizia’s residential assets in Finland. We wanted to simplify and streamline work processes and reporting and decided to place property management for all type of assets at one supplier. The choice fell on Retta due to a smooth and trustful cooperation and Retta’s comprehensive range within property related services for both residential and commercial properties” says Pauline von Troil, Director Asset Management at Patrizia Nordics.

For Retta in Finland, a major player in residential and commercial property sales and leasing, this assignment signifies an expansion in the commercial property management sector.

“I am very pleased with this deal, which solidifies Retta’s position in the commercial property management sector. This assignment is fully in line with our strategic plans for expanding our commercial property management delivery as well as our international client base,” says Immo Suutarinen, Vice President of Commercial Property Management for Retta Finland.

The expanded assignment commenced on March 1st 2024.

More information:

Immo Suutarinen
Vice President, Property management services, Commercial
+358 400 518 868