Orange Capital Partners (OCP) chose Retta as their property management partner

Orange Capital Partners ja Retta Management yhteistyö

The European real estate investment and asset management company Orange Capital Partners (OCP) chose Retta, an expert in property management, as their partner after tendering. The cooperation between the companies began on 1 October 2022.  

According to the partnership agreement, Retta is responsible for the technical and administrative management, leasing and the financial management of OCP’s 2,200 apartments throughout Finland. 

‘We are very satisfied that Orange Capital Partners found our diverse expertise and experience convincing. The communication and operations with OCP’s team have been open and effortless from the beginning and we are very excited to begin building a sustainable collaboration with them,’ says Heidi Joutsenkunnas, the Vice President of Residental properties at Retta Management. 

When choosing their partner, OCP focused on the national reach of operations and strong expertise in rental markets as well as real estate financial management.  

‘Our residential properties are located around Finland, which means that Retta’s strong local presence and the national reach of their operations had an impact on our choice. Additionally, we felt that Retta’s expertise with real estate financial management and procurement knowledge brings clear advantages for the management of our portfolio,’ comments Martijn Sander from Orange Capital Partners.  

Efficient property management and tenant satisfaction are the goal 
OCP’s investment philosophy is to invest in properties that generate long-lasting and stable cash flows. The company’s investments focus on affordable rents in areas that have a favourable demographic, strong growth of employment rates and a good economic outlook.  

‘The happiness of our tenants is extremely important to us. We believe that tenant satisfaction comes from the combined effect of high-quality properties, efficient property management and sustainability. The partnership with Retta helps us ensure that we will offer our clients a residential environment that is as high quality and pleasant as possible,’ Martijn Sander from OCP summarises the new partnership.    

Additional information 

Retta Management: Heidi Joutsenkunnas, Vice President, Residential Properties, tel. +358 40 517 5919, 

Orange Capital Partners: Martijn Sander, Managing Director