Marina Salenius has been appointed senior vice president of Huoneistokeskus and will head the Huom! real estate brokerage chain

Marina Salenius nimitetty Huoneistokeskuksen liiketoimintajohtajaksi

Marina Salenius has been appointed senior vice president of Huoneistokeskus, effective as of 1 June 2021. In this position, she will succeed Maija Jussila, who is retiring after a long career.

Salenius, who has a master’s degree in economics and is a licensed real estate agent, has 17 years of experience and a successful career in real estate, and knows the industry and its actors extremely well. Salenius will also continue as senior vice president of Huoneistokeskus and will therefore be responsible for Realia’s entire real estate business. She will report to Kari Virta, President and CEO of Realia.

“The unique operating model of the Huom! chain and the attitude of its entrepreneurs towards real estate brokerage create an excellent framework for increasing the market share of Realia’s real estate business. Together with all Huom! entrepreneurs, we will continue to develop the Huom! brand into an even stronger chain, and I look forward to future challenges. Our goal is to continue to be a distinctive, entrepreneur-driven real estate expert”, says Marina Salenius, Senior Vice President.

“I am very pleased that Marina Salenius will lead Realia’s real estate business in its entirety. We now have a strong market position with two brands and can develop them independently, benefiting from the strengths of both. At the same time, I would like to thank Maija Jussila for her commendable work in leading the Huom! chain towards to top in Finland”, says Kari Virta, Chair of the Board of Huoneistomarkkinointi Oy and President and CEO of Realia.