Lauri Leino has been appointed as Retta’s SVP, New Services and ICT, effective as of 1 December 2022 

Lauri Leino
Lauri Leino

Retta is investing in the development of new services and operations. To accelerate our development, Lauri Leino, M.Sc. (Eng), has been appointed as Retta’s SVP, New Services and ICT, effective as of 1 December 2022. Leino’s responsibilities will cover Retta Group’s strategy, ICT, acceleration, development portfolio and new services.  

Lauri Leino has previously served as Retta’s SVP, New Services and Acceleration, and following the appointment, his area of responsibilities will also include ICT operations. Harri Karjalainen, Retta’s current CIO, will be moving on to other endeavours outside Retta in December.  

“Following Lauri’s appointment and the establishing of the new unit, we are moving the focus slightly from core business development towards the development of new services that support core business. We are seeking to design smoother processes, even greater benefits to our customers, and even more reasons for everyone at Retta to be proud of what we do.  Here at Retta, we have a wide variety of top experts, and it’s great that we were able to fill this position with expertise that we already had in the company,” says Retta’s CEO, Kari Virta.  

Lauri Leino feels that his new role and merging operations will allow for more comprehensive development of new services. The goal is for Retta to be able to provide especially new digital services and housing-related savings to the users of properties, meaning the residents, shareholders and tenants. The current accelerated services are Retta Vakuutuspalvelut insurance services and Retta Plus services, and they have already allowed significant savings for housing companies and property owners.  

“The goal is for the new unit to set even better operational conditions for developing Retta. ICT often plays a very essential role in transformations, and our new unit gives us a very strong and unified team of experts to support our business operations, as well as develop entirely new services for our customers,” says Lauri Leino.