Seamless cooperation between ICECAPITAL and Retta

Ilmakuva Vuosaaresta

ICECAPITAL, previously operating under a decentralised model, centralised all its service production to Retta this year. The cooperation started already in 2010. The secret to its success is mutual trust and Retta’s strong focus on the core operations of renting and property management.

ICECAPITAL offers real estate investment opportunities in the form of closed-ended real estate private equity funds. Retta is responsible for the property management, housing services, apartment rental and financial services of four real estate funds, covering 51 housing companies and approximately 3,500 apartments. The properties are mainly located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in key university cities, but individual apartments can be found all over Finland, from Rovaniemi to Helsinki and from Turku to Kouvola.

The service production of ICECAPITAL’s various real estate funds was decentralised between Retta and another service provider for a long time. This year, ICECAPITAL decided to concentrate all its service production to Retta.

“The cooperation between Retta and ICECAPITAL has continued for a long time, and, over the years, we have gained mutual trust, which creates a good basis for cooperation also in the future. Our seamless cooperation is particularly emphasised in this challenging market situation, as you need to be able to react to rapidly changing conditions,” explains Retta’s CEO Kari Virta.

The market situation challenges Retta to develop its operations

In recent years, Retta has invested particularly in service development by listening to customers and taking into account the requirements of the market situation. ICECAPITAL has also praised the flexibility of Retta’s service and its ability to react to the market situation.

“Retta’s strong focus on the core operations of renting and property management is important to our funds,” says CEO Wisa Majamaa from ICECAPITAL.

Retta wants to be a trustworthy partner and redeem the trust it has been given in its daily work. This would not be possible without a dialogue with the customer and requires both rental, maintenance and financial experts.

Sustainable property management

In accordance with the responsibility programme ICECAPITAL’s real estate private equity funds prepared in 2020, the company aims for a good residential and living environment as well as a sustainable and energy-efficient building stock in its real estate investments. Responsibility is part of ICECAPITAL’s everyday operations and reflected in its daily work.

As a partner responsible for management, Retta also plays a key role in this. ICECAPITAL’s properties have, among other things, obtained BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certifications, which ensures that the properties also meet international sustainability criteria.

 “Responsibility and ESG issues have taken a central position in the operations of real estate capital funds. We hope that, in cooperation with Retta, we will be able to respond particularly to the growing need for ESG reporting in terms of rental operations, property management and maintenance in our current and new funds,” says Wisa Majamaa.

Extensive services under one roof

As the Nordic countries’ largest provider of expert services specialising in the brokerage and management of apartments, properties and commercial facilities, Retta provides its customers with comprehensive real estate service solutions. This also includes apartment sales, where ICECAPITAL has cooperated with Retta’s Huoneistokeskus since 2015.

Kari Virta ja Wisa Majamaa

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Main image: Pictured in the foreground ICECAPITAL’s new sites in Vuosaari, Helsinki, completed in 2022 and 2023. The golden Sitadelli 1 and Sitadelli 2 houses have a total of 248 rental apartments.