Our goal is an equal and safe workplace

henkilöt katselevat tietokoneen ruutua ja keskustelevat

In Retta’s diversity pledge, it is stated that Rettan is a workplace that values equality and diversity, where we treat each other and our customers with respect. We believe that when you can be yourself at work, you can better utilize your full potential.

We adhere to the principle of non-discrimination in all decision-making and operations, and we strive to support the richness brought by diverse backgrounds and perspectives in our organization. We also consider diversity in recruitment and encourage individuals of all kinds to apply for jobs with us. We welcome all gender identities, ages, cultural backgrounds, and minority groups to Retta.

Zero tolerance for harassment and inappropriate behavior

It is important to us that Retta is a safe workplace in every respect. We invest in occupational safety together with our occupational safety representatives. We have also established a new team focusing on workplace environment services, continuously developing the physical, social, and digital safety, responsibility, and functionality of our work environments. Responsibility, health, and safety in the workplace are everyone’s responsibility, and development work is carried out in close collaboration and interaction throughout the organization.

We have zero tolerance for any form of harassment and inappropriate behavior. We have developed Fair Play guidelines outlining the principles and practices of a safe workplace, and instructing on how to act if inappropriate behavior occurs. At Retta, all inappropriate behavior is addressed immediately, and measures are taken to stop such behavior. Retta’s HR team supports and assists in these situations, and we encourage reporting of any inappropriate behavior with ease. An anonymous reporting channel is also available to Rettans if needed.

Equality is closely monitored

We are committed to promoting equality and safety in our workplace. Responsibility is not only the overarching theme of our strategy but also one of our values. One of our strategic goals is to ensure equality, and we measure the realization of equality based on feedback collected from the staff.

Our goal is zero cases of harassment or bullying. Last year, we did not quite reach the zero level of cases in our 1,400-person workforce, but fortunately, the majority of reported cases had been investigated and resolved. We continue our relentless work towards an equal and safe workplace.

Writer: Katariina Lindholm, HR Director of Retta