Minna Toiviainen as #BuildingLife Campaign Ambassador

Minna Toiviainen, SVP, Realia Management, is one of the ambassadors of the Green Building Council Finland’s #BuildingLife Campaign. The aim of the project is to clarify the common low-carbon targets for the Finnish real estate sector.

The Green Building Council Finland has brought together pioneers in the field to consider a national action plan for a carbon-neutral built environment. The goal of the #BuildingLife campaign is to create a joint idea of low-carbon goals, measures, and development projects, and to clarify common low-carbon goals for the real estate industry.

Minna Toiviainen, SVP, Realia Management, is now also involved in the #BuildingLife campaign and one of the #BuildingLife ambassadors.

“It’s great to be involved in this project as a #BuildingLife Campaign ambassador. In Realia, responsibility is everyday acts. Real estate and construction account for about 40% of global CO2 emissions. The reali estate sector’s potential for influencing is therefore great. We want to play our part in advancing the energy efficiency of properties in Finland,” says Minna Toiviainen.

Realia has been a partner member of Green Building Council Finland since 2020. With the partnership membership, the goal of the cooperation is to reduce emissions by promoting environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the real estate sector and by sharing important information and know-how.