A wide range of energy management and construction contracting services

Äiti, isä ja taapero viettävät yhdessä vapaa aikaansa pöydän äärellä. Äiti tekee ruokaa ja isä selaa tablettia taapero sylissään Retta

Energy services for the owners and users of real estate properties

We offer a comprehensive range of expert services in the field of property management to meet our customers’ needs. Our wide range of energy management services, construction services and project management services add value to customers. 

The costs of energy and water supply constitute a substantial part of the maintenance costs of properties. Our aim is to reduce these costs by promoting efficient energy usage. The saving measures implemented by us also reduce the carbon footprint of the properties

Construction contracting and project management services

Construction contracting services and project management services include producing the maintenance-related construction services for the property and looking after the customer’s interests in construction projects. We take care of the planning, coordination and implementation of the entire service provision with professional competence. We make our customers’ lives easier by appointing one contact person for the project implementation.