Valuation services, Helsinki

Contact details of the office

Valimotie 9-11, 00380 Helsinki

Tel. 020 780 3760

Opening hours: according to agreement


Our office in Helsinki is located on Valimotie in the Pitäjänmäki business district. The work of our real estate experts includes high-quality real estate valuation and consulting for different purposes. We also carry out various kinds of portfolio and optimisation strategy surveys and consulting for real estate portfolios, as well as market research. Contact us to find out more!

Contact our professionals

Henri Timperi
Chief Valuer, M.Sc. (Tech.) AKA, KHK, LKV
Jenni Komppa-Hiiva
Senior Valuer, M.Sc. (Tech.) AKA, KHK, LKV
Tuomo Salo, Helsinki
Tuomo Salo
Senior Valuer, AKA, KHK, LKV
Sanna Harju, arko
Sanna Harju
Valuer, M.Sc. (Tech.) AKA, KHK
On maternity leave
Tomi Kolkkala, Arko
Tomi Kolkkala
Tikkanen Sanna-Maria, Arko
Sanna-Maria Tikkanen
Valuer M.Sc. (Tech.) M.Sc (Agr. & For.)
Niklas Österman
Niklas Österman
Valuer, M.Sc. (Econ.) M.Sc. (For.)
Netta Mäki, Arko, Helsinki
Netta Mäki
Anssi Häkkinen, Arko, Helsinki
Anssi Häkkinen
Junior Analyst, B.Sc (Econ.)