Retta Isännöinti, Helsinki, Valimotie

Contact information

Valimotie 9-11, 00380 Helsinki

Offices opening hours: mon-fri 9.00 – 15.00

Tel. 010 228 2000

Telephone service: mon-fri klo 9-16

Use our simple e-services

OmaRetta is your service channel for managing your housing-related affairs, allowing you to quickly deal with the matter by yourself. You can use the service to easily order documents, update your address information, notify maintenance services of any defects or submit a modification work notification for renovations, and view your own payment information and housing company records

Fault notification

You can submit a fault notification to report problems that require maintenance. In case of urgent issues, such as water damage, you need contact the on-call maintenance service immediately by phone.

Document orders

Conveniently order documents, such as the property manager’s certificate, articles of association, or an extract from the register of occupants, directly from the service and pay for your purchases using your online banking credentials or an invoice.

Own payment information

In the service, you can see all of your invoicing information related to your own housing company, whether it is consideration payments, utility allowances or water bills.

Shift reservations

Send a Reservation Request for your building company’s parking space, sauna or other space.

Moving notice

You can submit a moving notice electronically in OmaRetta easily and quickly.

Töihin Rettalle. Monipuolisia kiinteistöalan tehtäviä

Our professional customer service helps you with everyday housing matters. Note: if you live in an apartment rented by Retta, you can find the customer service ’s contact information here.

Customer services for housing companies and residents

Our customer service is available to the housing company’s residents by phone, email and chat (referred to maintenance services if necessary).

You can contact us in matters concerning document orders (property manager’s certificates, loan share invoices, etc.) or registration of shares. You can find more detailed information about the registration of shares here.

Our customer service also handles moving notifications, problems with electronic services, parking spaces, sauna shifts, orders for extra keys, changes to housing charges and payment related issues, overdrafts from overpayments (refunded water fees) or receipts (e.g. lawnmower petrol, materials needed for volunteer yard work) and invoices for water fee balances.

Our telephone service is available on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Please check the service number in your area via the office search.

The experts of our office

Anssi Aittasalmi
Juha Heikkinen
tekninen asiantuntija
Jukka Syrjänen
tekninen asiantuntija
Nina Kallio
tekninen assistentti
Jeremias Mattila
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Jesse Heinonen
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Jyrki Pauloma
Pasi Saarnio
Ilkka Ala-Ketola
Antti Meroniemi
Rauli Nurmi
Mats-Olof Burman
Kaisa Dabnell
Jouni Suuronen
Petri Wuotila
Reijo Kuusela
Henna-Riitta Lepistö
Esko Martikainen
Joonas Siponen
Pauli Virtanen
Pekko Tuomi
Jari Paavilainen
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Emilia Huittinen