Smooth cooperation praised by Retta Management’s customers

Retta Managementin asiakkuusjohtaja Juulia Laine.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Retta Management, and we measure our success on a regular basis. In June 2023, we asked our customers what is going well and what we could still develop. We received nearly one hundred responses. They highlighted the smooth cooperation with Retta’s employees and the commitment of the personnel. In turn, the respondents hoped for more proactivity.

“I have been extremely satisfied. Easy and flexible, able and willing to cooperate. This is teamwork. It’s so important that it works, even if we are in different locations.”

This is how one participant in Retta Management’s customer satisfaction survey summarised their feelings in June 2023. The survey was conducted by Zesty Communications through telephone interviews, and the survey’s response rate was over 60%.

The purpose of the survey was to find out what Retta Management’s customers think about matters such as the smoothness of cooperation and the professionalism of operations. Retta Management’s customers are owners of residential and commercial properties, such as real estate investment companies, funds, banks and international investors.

The survey results are important to Retta. Retta Management serves real estate investors of various sizes and on various sectors in the Finnish market. The goal is for the customer to feel that Retta manages the locations as if they were their own.

“In recent years, we have developed our operations extensively and specifically by listening to our customers. The responses showed that we are clearly heading in the right direction. The results provide an excellent basis for guiding and developing our operations further,” says Juulia Laine, Account Director at Retta Management.

The survey respondents also had a positive reaction to the fact that Retta is surveying customer satisfaction. Almost all of the respondents wanted to give open-ended feedback and share their thoughts.

Easy and seamless collaboration

Retta Management’s customers are particularly pleased with the open and seamless cooperation. As many as nine out of ten respondents thought that cooperation with Retta is easy and smooth.

This is how one of the respondents summed up their thoughts:

“Our Retta team has always had the most amazing attitude. It has already been 25 years. They accomplish incredible achievements.”

Juulia Laine is delighted by the comments about the smooth cooperation and the commitment of the staff.

“We have great employees who deserve praise for the good results.”

In addition, Retta has recently invested particularly in customer relationship management. The investments can now be seen in the results.

“We have given more support to account directors and controllers. They play an important role in enabling smooth collaboration by actively supporting both customers and team members. Each of our customers has their own contact person, who is responsible for the entities and organises the services within Retta.”

The results show that customers are satisfied with their contact person:

“The contact person can always be reached, and things are taken care of efficiently.”

Satisfaction with the service often came down to a single specialist. Many respondents mentioned their contact person by name when complimenting the effective cooperation, good customer service and the commitment of the employees.

On the other hand, it also raised questions. How will it be ensured that these contacts remain at Retta?

“According to a personnel survey conducted by Retta last spring, more than 90% of our employees felt that the account teams have a good team spirit. This can be seen in the daily work as the team members work together and support each other. Since our staff is the most important thing we have, we will continue to invest in the development of the workplace atmosphere,” says Laine.

Professional operations

“You can trust their work. When we agree on something, it will be done.”

This was stated by one of the respondents when assessing the professionalism of Retta Management’s operations. Up to 89% of the respondents thought that the operations are professional.

In particular, the valuation and consultation services received praise. Up to 95% of the participants thought that the valuation and consultation services met their expectations. Above all, the responses emphasised quality and professionalism. The valuation certifications were perceived as clear, and cooperation with the valuation experts was considered to be seamless.

In addition, Retta’s wide and diverse service offering received positive feedback from the survey respondents. According to Laine, the offering is constantly developed according to customer needs and market changes. A good example can be found in the online store for apartment rentals. It was developed to meet the changing needs of consumers looking for apartments.

Even the survey respondents praised the new kind of service:

“It’s great to have an electronic tool for leasing on the residential side – really advanced.”

More proactivity and vision

And what could Retta Management still develop? Survey respondents highlighted proactivity.

“We would like to receive ideas actively. Retta is in the field and has the best up-to-date knowledge.”

Laine agrees with the feedback. The challenging market situation requires not only anticipation, but also extensive market knowledge – as well as the courage to express your views.

“Our customers also know that the best experts are often in the field: that is, on property tours, at tenant meetings or showing apartments. Therefore, in the future, we will invest in making regional market information and the views of our experts working in the field more visible.”

Overall, the respondents were quite satisfied with Retta Management. The satisfaction was also reflected in the open-ended feedback. Here’s how one of the respondents formulated it:

“Extremely committed people who do their job with all their might.”

“Overall, the results of the survey will help us understand what works and where we still have room for improvement. In the future, we will be able to meet our customers’ needs even better,” concludes Laine.

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