Retta values interesting work and fair treatment of employees

Retta is a unique real estate workplace in Finland: we have the broadest shoulders in the industry, the widest-ranging services and the most comprehensive expertise. We employ 1,500 professionals in the Nordic countries whose common goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind. We make selling, buying, renting and managing homes and properties easier and more sustainable, profitable and responsible.

At Retta, we are boldly renewing ourselves – and that is one of our values. We want to constantly develop and renew the entire industry for a sustainable future. In light of the results of our recent personnel survey, the experience of working at Retta has also further improved quite significantly.

The study found that Retta’s particular strengths were the company’s development in the right direction, interesting work, fair and equal treatment of staff, appropriate premises, and active communication of strategy and future direction. The survey also confirmed that we have been able to share our expertise effectively among Rettans, and we utilize the expertise of real estate professionals from different parts of the organisation. Competence development will remain one of our most important investment areas.

Creating the best workplace in real estate together

Succeeding together – one of Retta’s values – is also reflected in our results, as the change was positive in all areas of the personnel survey, as well as in all the units. Together, we have been able to lead our work community towards our goal of being the best workplace in the real estate industry. We provide feedback, and acknowledgment of achievements.

We also identify and recognise areas where we want to develop further. One important goal is to enable better participation of the entire personnel in the continuing development of our operations. We work towards this goal in all the teams and Retta level as a whole. For example, we are building an idea and tip tool based on feedback from our people, for sharing their own ideas and thus participating in Retta’s development.

A responsible employer takes care of its employees

Our third value is acting responsibly, and as a responsible employer, we will pay even better attention to the wellbeing of our employees in the future. Long periods of sick leave and sick leave related to mental health have started to decline at Retta over the last year and a half, and naturally, we want this development to continue.

We focus on the workload management, amongst other means by developing managerial work, further improving working conditions and by means of wellbeing campaigns. Our goal is to further strengthen the wellbeing of work communities and everyone working in Retta. We have also renewed our personnel benefits system as a whole based on employee feedback. In the future, Retta’s personnel benefits will focus on wellbeing and health, flexible work opportunities and renewal.

A responsible workplace is equal and safe for all employees. At Retta we value diversity, and every one of us can be ourselves. We have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, and every problem is addressed immediately. This helps to foster a safe and healthy work community for all, where everyone has the opportunity to make their own important contribution and succeed. 

Text: Katariina Lindholm, Director, People & Culture, Retta