Realia Isännöinti enhances its operations in Helsinki by acquiring the business of Rakennusmestari-isännöinti

On 3 June 2019, Realia Isännöinti Oy concluded a transaction regarding the transfer of business of Helsinki-based Rakennusmestari-isännöinti Oy to Realia Isännöinti. Realia Isännöinti Oy took over the housing company customers of Rakennusmestari-isännöinti Oy on 15 June 2019.

Rakennusmestari-isännöinti Oy is a property management company with its offices in Vuorimiehenkatu in the Helsinki city centre. The company’s housing company customers were transferred to Realia Isännöinti.

Juhani Veijonen, the Managing Director of Rakennusmestari-isännöinti Oy, retired when the transfer of business was concluded.

“At 77, it’s time to let go of working life and start enjoying retirement with hobbies and close family. During my long career, I’ve had the opportunity to look at the real estate business from different angles, develop my competence and work in my own property management company for the last 24 years. After an active search, I really believe Realia Isännöinti to be a competent and reliable partner for the housing companies my company used to manage,” Juhani Veijonen says.

“We’ve established good cooperation with Juhani Veijonen to ensure that the customers transferred to Realia Isännöinti will continue to be provided with a fluent high-quality service. I want to congratulate Juhani Veijonen for the honorary degree of Real Estate Counsellor granted to him by the President of Finland in May, and wish him rewarding days of retirement after a long and accomplished career,” says Matti Bergendahl, the CEO of Retta and Chairman of the Board of Realia Isännöinti.

“The growth of Realia Isännöinti, both organically and through acquisitions, is an important part of the growth strategy of the entire Realia. “I am very pleased that through this acquisition, our growth in the property management sector will continue in line with our strategy,” Bergndahl continues.