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We support our customers in all decisions related to commercial properties and co-create solutions to challenges and problems. We are an international associate of Savills. We provide our customers valuations, market research and investment management & brokerage services worldwide in cooperation with Savills.
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We have our valuations in place – ask us the value of your property

Our customers include investors, owner-occupiers, tenants, banks and consultants. We provide a nation-wide service team consisting of five regional offices. The absolute strengths of our experts are reliability, versatile knowledge and experience.

We provide a reliable valuation of your property. We provide both property valuation reports to determine the correct market price level as well as rental level statements of the assessed property.

We are specialised in valuation of commercial properties, large residential properties, and specialised properties as well as unbuilt land areas. We prepare valuations for both single properties and for portfolios. We serve our customers throughout Finland and globally through our partners.

Our valuation reports meet the requirements of domestic (AKA) authorisation system controlled by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce. We also provide valuation reports to meet the international RICS Valuation Standards requirements. Additionally we prepare valuations for loan security purposes, which are based on the German mortgage lending value.

Tailored real estate advisory services

If you are considering taking action on a property owned by you or you are planning to buy a property, our tailor-made advisory services are the best support in your decision making. Our services are built-to-order and we will give you precise answers and advice to support your decision-making processes.

Our Advisory and Analysis Services:

  • Pre-transaction Support Services 
  • Transaction Services (joint services with our Brokerage)
  • Scenario Analyses, Action Plans and Strategies
  • Project Development Services
  • Financing Analysis
  • Property Tax and Juridical Services
  • Asset and Regional Studies and Analyses