What does a housing company’s annual clock look like?


SPRING (March – May)

Spring is the time for housing companies’ annual meetings. When the financial statements for the previous fiscal year have been completed, the annual meeting may be called. The Board, together with the property manager, will call and organise the meeting. The annual report, financial statements and audit, and a review of any maintenance and change works performed are on the annual meeting’s agenda. A new Board for the housing company will also be elected at the meeting. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats on the Board, the future Board members will be elected by a vote.

After the general meeting, the new Board of Directors will meet at the constitutive session. Shareholders must be informed of the decisions of the general meeting and given the contact details of the new Board of Directors. The members of the new board should be aware of the housing company’s existing maintenance and management agreements and review whether they are up to date and whether the residents are happy with the services.

As days get brighter, spring also becomes the season of cleaning. When the snow melts, any damage caused by snow and frost is reviewed in the yard and on the roof, and drains and gutters are checked. The condition of any yard equipment should also be inspected before taking them in use

If the housing company plans to organise a spring volunteer work day, the residents must be informed of the day well in advance, and it should also be planned in advance what will be done during the day, how work will be divided, which tools will be needed and what foods and beverages will be served during the day. 

As the season changes, the residents should also be reminded of the housing company’s rules regarding the use of the yard and, for example, barbecuing. Shareholders can also be reminded of the heat settings and suitable indoor temperatures when the sun starts to warm up the apartments in the spring.

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SUMMER (June–August)

From June to July, the Board of Directors will meet only if necessary, for example, if it is necessary to draw up interim financial report or supervise repair projects. However, it is advisable to confirm the holiday periods and necessary holiday back-ups for the Board, building maintenance services and the property manager.

The residents can also be reminded of safety issues during the summer holiday period, such as key safety and ensuring that their homes appear lived-in also during their holiday trips.

Depending on the type of housing company’s yard, lawn mowing and tending to planted flowers and vegetation should be ensured during the summer months. In addition, we recommend sending the shareholders and their tenants a residents’ bulletin and putting one up on the bulletin boards, stating the summer service hours of property management and maintenance services and how the housing company’s Board of Directors can best be reached during the summer holidays.

In August, the Board of Directors will meet after the summer break to review the housing company’s finances (whether the housing company has stayed within budget and what measures may be required) and other topical issues. At the same time, plans for the possible repair projects for the next financial year can be started. After the meeting, it is advisable to prepare a briefing for the residents on the matters discussed.

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AUTUMN (September–November)

In September, the Board of Directors and the property manager will start updating the housing company’s strategy, if one has been drawn up. Other administrative tasks after the summer include calling in the potential autumn general meeting and tendering processes for future contract work. The property management will start preparing for the upcoming heating season (for example by checking the functionality of the radiator thermostats, determining water, heat and electricity consumption and comparing the figures with previous years’ measurements). September is also a good time to organise the autumn volunteer work day for residents – the same advice applies as for the spring volunteer day. During the autumn season, the housing company can also encourage shareholders and residents to participate in events such as the Energy Saving Week.

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WINTER (December–February)

In December, the housing company’s Board of Directors will approve the repair programme for the following year and review the pricing of the property management and maintenance contracts submitted to the housing company. If necessary, property maintenance will start winter work, such as ice prevention, snow ploughing and clearing the roof from snow. The season leading up to Christmas is a good time to distribute a newsletter to the residents, reminding them of fire safety and the sorting of Christmas and New Year’s waste – with the season’s greetings, of course. The housing company’s Board of Directors may also get a Christmas tree with Christmas lights in the yard or for the entrance hall.

In winter season, the property management monitors the ice and snow conditions in the yard and ensures that indoor premises are warm enough. The early year is also a good time to check that indoor temperatures remain at an even level (+20-22 °C), that the radiator valves and thermostats work and that the ventilation drains are fully functional.

After the turn of the year, the Board of Directors and the property manager will start preparing the documents and matters necessary for the annual general meeting. These include the financial statements and the action report, the budget for the following year, the statutory maintenance needs report, the statutory report on maintenance and modifications carried out, the previous year’s statements of housing charges (whether the correct amount was collected and whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the housing charges). If the housing company intends to carry out repair projects during the next financial year, the Board of Directors must also process the quotes requested for the projects. The implementation of the renovation projects is decided by the general meeting.

In February, the Board of Directors will finalise the matters related to the annual general meeting, as well as the financial statements and other necessary documents. At the end of their term of office, the Board of Directors will hold a financial statement meeting. The annual clock of the housing company has now gone a full circle.